Add data connections more easily

Available in beta

We’ve added useful tooltips and resources to make it even easier to fill in the required fields when adding a new connection to Pecan.

Export predictions to Appsflyer and Snowflake

Available in beta

Pecan now supports exporting predictions to AppsFlyer – so marketing teams can leverage predictions to optimize marketing campaigns right within their MMP platform.

In addition, Snowflake users can now send predictions back to their data warehouse for further processing. To enable this functionality, see How to configure a Snowflake connection

Other product improvements

Available in beta

  • You can now delete existing data connections from within the “Configuration” tab. Enjoy responsibly!

  • When viewing the list of tables you’ve imported to Pecan, you’ll now see how the data is represented on your side, and how the data is represented in Pecan. This information can be useful since different systems may classify data types in different ways.

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