Model and Blueprint Tags

Available in Beta

Organize your work by applying tags to your models and blueprints. You can apply multiple custom-made tags to each blueprint or model according to your use-case, stage, or anything that helps you organizing your models and blueprints.

In addition, you can apply fine-tune filtering by one or more tags.

Trained a model out of a blueprint? duplicated a model as a reference? your tags will follow.

Overwrite Mode

Available in Beta

In many cases, data in your organization is backfilled or modified.
This could happen due to errors or downtime in the systems that produce the data, or even delayed transfer of data by definition.
When using this data for generating predictions, it’s important to make sure the most updated data is used.
To make this possible, Pecan is now introducing a new import mode - Overwrite mode.
With overwrite mode applied, whenever a source table is used for predictions, Pecan will:

  1. Bring again the last X days (configureable) of data, overwriting what has been previously imported.

  2. Bring any new data that is found (similar to import new rows aka incremental).

To activate overwrite mode for a table, in the import tables page, click on the three dots next to the table and select “Automatic import method”. Select “Overwrite” and how many days you’d like Pecan to go back when overwriting the data.

Other product improvements

Available in Beta

  • We added filter and sort options to the connection history tab, so you could navigate through the events more quickly.

  • We also added a collapsable area to events. Use the “+” button at the left side of a raw to expand the event for more information (when available).

  • We changed the “import” primary button to “Save and import” to make it clear that changing settings in this area require importing the table again. We will also ask you for confirmation before we continue.

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