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When you first log in to Pecan, there’s a demo data connection that is already configured in your account called “demodata”.

This connection allows you to test Pecan and train some models even without connecting your data.

In this article, you can see the demo data schema and table samples.

You can also view the tables in this link.

Tables overview

Table name


data related to the customer

customer purchases

customer became VIP (tier)

promotions sent to the customer

customer calls received by the call center

customer subscription plans history

customers table sample

Customers Table

transactions table sample

Transactions Table
  • operating_department - The department that works on the order

  • service_id - Where the customer received service

  • quantity - Quantity purchased in the order

vip_members table sample

VIP Customers Table
  • status_change_date - the date a customer converted to become a VIP

  • sales_channel - the channel the customer upgraded through

campaigns table sample

Campaigns Table

support_calls table sample

Support Calls Table

subscriptions table sample

Subscriptions Table

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