Enhanced Table Previews

Learn how to use Pecan's Enhanced Table Preview to get a quick, graphical summary and key stats of your imported data.

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If you've imported a table and want to get a snapshot of your data, the "Enhanced Table Preview" feature in Pecan is your go-to tool. This feature provides a graphical summary and key statistics for each column in your table, helping you understand your data's structure and quality at a glance. This guide will walk you through how to access and use this feature.


  • You must have a table imported into Pecan.

  • The table should contain fewer than 5 million rows for the feature to work.

How to access table previews

  1. Go to the Connection tab

  2. Select the connection that has the table you want to preview

  3. Locate Your Table

  4. Click 'View Table' next to your imported table. Clicking this will open the table preview.

Understanding the Preview

Once you're in the preview:

  1. Column information: The name of the column and the data type it contains.

  2. NULL Value Indicator: Below the graph, you'll see a bar that indicates the number of NULL values in the column. Hovering it will show you the NULL percentage in detail.

  3. Column Graphs: At the top of each column, a small graph summarizes the data in that particular column. The graph type will change based on the data.

  4. Data preview: Each column shows a sample of 100 rows from your data.

Column Details

For a closer look at any column:

  1. Click the Column: Doing so will open a bar on the right side of the page.

  2. View Details: This bar will provide detailed information, such as key statistics and data quality insights, specific to the data type of that column.
    You can hover the graph or the percentages in the data to get more details:

Supported Data Types

The feature supports a range of data types, including:

  • ArrayType

  • BooleanType

  • ByteType

  • DateType

  • DecimalType

  • DoubleType

  • FloatType

  • IntegerType

  • LongType

  • MapType

  • ShortType

  • StringType

  • StructField

  • StructType

  • TimestampType

Additional Resources

For further information on importing data and other functionalities, see here.


The Enhanced Table Preview feature is designed to help you better understand your data right from the moment you import it. If you encounter any issues or have more questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.


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