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Connecting Your Data
Connecting Your Data

Learn how to import your data to Pecan and export your predictions

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Creating a data connection
How to import data to use in your modelsFeeding Pecan your data is a breeze! Select your tables, tailor your settings, opt for a reference column, and click 'Import data' ✨
Methods of importing data to PecanImport only new Rows, the full table, and overwrite - all to ensure accurate, efficient model training with easy method selection.
What is a reference column, and when do you need one?Pecan optimizes table imports using reference columns to identify new rows, saving you time and resources.
Maintaining Data Integrity in Pecan Amidst Architecture ChangesKeep your model on track by aligning data changes with imported tables to avoid mismatches.
Data partitioning in PecanEfficiently manage large datasets in Pecan with strategic data partitioning, enhancing query performance and prediction speed.
Enhanced Table PreviewsLearn how to use Pecan's Enhanced Table Preview to get a quick, graphical summary and key stats of your imported data.